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Swiss TPH News, June 2021

One Week to Global Health Symposium!

The Swiss TPH Virtual Symposium, "Global Health in the 21st Century", begins in less than a week! Join us from 28-30 June as keynotes speakers and experts provide new insights into pressing global health topics. Sessions include:
  • Global Health Challenges and Solutions
  • Getting Evidence into Health Systems Policy and Practice
  • COVID-19 Response, Impact, Vaccine Development and Roll-Out
  • Household-Level Interventions to Improve Health
  • The Role of the Private Sector in Improving Health
  • Achieving Quality Care for All
We are delighted to welcome over 40 experts from the public, private, non-profit and government sectors. Curious to find out more? Browse their profiles here.
Keynote speakers at the Swiss TPH Virtual Symposium 2021
Research nurse and study participant in Rwanda
New Clinical Decision Support Tool Reduces Antibiotic Prescription in Children
A pilot study conducted in Tanzania and Rwanda as part of the DYNAMIC project has demonstrated that the quality of care for sick children is improved by using clinical decision support algorithms. These algorithms, which have been designed by medical experts through an innovative digital platform, could prevent millions of unnecessary prescriptions of antibiotics each year in Africa, and potentially in Europe.
Refugee camp in Chad
World Refugee Day: Together We Heal, Learn and Shine
Access to healthcare is an additional burden for forcibly displaced people, which adds to their already extremely difficult situations. On World Refugee Day, we were proud to highlight several projects pertaining to refugee and migrant health. Barbara Matthys, a public health specialist at Swiss TPH, spoke to us about one project in particular: the Digital System for Better Health Care Management of Refugees Project (SysRef).
Women with umbrellas in Burundi
More than a Third of Heat Deaths Are Linked to Climate Change
Between 1991 and 2018, more than a third of all deaths in which heat played a role were attributable to human-induced global warming, according to a new study in the Nature Climate Change journal. The study, the largest of its kind, was led by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the University of Bern with partners including Swiss TPH.
Man with face mask behind bars
Prisons Accelerate Spread of Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis
Of the 1.4 million victims of tuberculosis worldwide each year, only about 3% are due to a multidrug-resistant strain. In Georgia, this is not the case. In a new study published in Nature Medicine, researchers from Swiss TPH discovered that 63% of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Georgia is transmitted from person to person, with prisons playing a key role as a transmission site.
Mathias Kronig
Mathias Kronig New Administrative Director at Swiss TPH
Mathias Kronig has been elected as the new Administrative Director of Swiss TPH. He succeeds Matthias Schmid-Huberty who led the Administration from January 2018 until August 2020.
» Read more
Project Updates
Family in Ulaanbaatar
Urban Population Health Initiative
Novartis Foundation is developing a strategy on the health of urban populations. The aim is to improve prevention and care in order to sustainably reduce and prevent morbidity and mortality. Swiss TPH acts as data and evaluation partner to define a global evaluation framework,
identify data gaps and ensure consistent monitoring and evaluation. » Read more
Buruli Ulcer Rapid Diagnostic Test
The current gold standard for the laboratory diagnosis of Buruli ulcer is a PCR-based assay. Since this test is only offered at a few reference centres in the endemic African countries, a rapid diagnostic test is urgently needed. Together with FIND, DDTD and the Nagasaki University, Swiss TPH received a grant from the GHIT Fund for the field validation of a first mycolactone-specific prototype rapid diagnostic test for Buruli ulcer. » Read more
Anopheles stephensi
Innovative Approach to Malaria Vaccine Development
The malOMVax project uses advanced clinical-immunology-guided reverse vaccinology combined with a flexible mOMV platform to deliver antigens in order to induce protective immunity against a broad range of Plasmodium
parasites. The project is funded by the EU Malaria Fund, with Swiss TPH being involved in the preclinical characterisation of vaccine candidates. » Read more
Health check in Laos
State of UHC Commitment
In 2019, world leaders endorsed universal health coverage (UHC), the most ambitious political declaration on health in history. Since 2020, an international group of stakeholders has been monitoring each country’s progress towards UHC through the State of UHC Commitment. Swiss TPH joined in April 2021 to lead the monitoring project with the WHO. » Read more
COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery
Swiss TPH has been selected by Gavi to provide technical assistance for COVID-19 vaccine delivery preparation and readiness for 57 Gavi-eligible countries. The purpose of the mandate is to assist the Ministries of Health in their preparation for the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine across the various programmatic areas in their countries.
Leishmania amastigotes
First in-Human Trial on Cutaneous Leishmaniasis
Swiss TPH will design and manage a new research project funded by InnoSuisse. The clinical phase 1 trial, a first in-human study, will test BAP5191, a new chemical entity intended to be the first topical cure for cutaneous leishmaniasis. Leishmaniasis is a neglected
stigmatizing and debilitating tropical disease with an estimated 600,000 to 1 million of new cases occurring worldwide annually. » Read more
Evaluation of Suicide Prevention Projects
Swiss TPH, in collaboration with HETS-FR, will conduct an external evaluation of five new suicide prevention projects for Health Promotion Switzerland. The projects pursue the common long-term goals of reducing suicides and suicide attempts, decreasing the number of hospitalizations and improving quality of life of patients and their families. » Read more
Malaria control in Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea National Malaria Control Programme
A new project in Papua New Guinea (PNG) will assess outcomes and impacts of the Global Fund-supported National Malaria Control Programme against indicator targets from 2021 to 2023. It will also provide accurate, up-to-date
information on the changing malaria epidemiology in PNG in order to inform programmatic decision-making at national and sub-national levels. » Read more
Upcoming Events
The COVCO-Basel study investigates the impact of the pandemic on people living in the Basel region. How has the happiness and well-being of the population changed during the pandemic and what are the long-term effects on mental and physical health? What role does the urban and living environment play in this context? Find out more in our next virtual session on 8 July 2021. » Register now
Study with Us
Students talking
Health Care and Management
The 14-week Diploma of Advanced Studies course provides international participants with the core competencies to understand and react to health challenges. They acquire a range of skills and knowledge needed to work as a member of a health management team, particularly in low- and middle-income societies. Participants benefit from engaging with experts from various fields, practical application and interactive training.
Nomads in Mongolia
Preparatory Short-Course for Future Expatriates
The course provides an overview of health-related issues expatriates and their families may face during their stay abroad. The goal is to equip the participants with information on preventive measures to be considered before leaving their home country, and to provide them with the knowledge on how to deal with relevant and frequent health issues that could arise during their stay abroad.
Latest Publications
Oyo-Ita A, Bosch-Capblanch X, Ross A, Oku A, Esu E, Ameh S, Oduwole O, Arikpo D, Meremikwu M. Effects of engaging communities in decision-making and action through traditional and religious leaders on vaccination coverage in Cross River State, Nigeria: a cluster-randomised control trial. PLoS One. » Read full article
Pradyumna A, Winkler MS, Utzinger J, Farnham A. Association of livestock ownership and household dietary quality: results from a cross-sectional survey from rural India. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. » Read full article
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