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Swiss TPH News, October 2021
Market stalls in Kenya
From Farms to Families: Improving Urban Diets
The world is facing a major malnutrition crisis, with the impact shifting from rural to urban populations due to rapid urbanisation. In partnership, Swiss TPH with Sight and Life, ETH Zürich and the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture have launched the Nutrition in City Ecosystems (NICE) project.

Working across the agricultural, health and education sectors, the NICE project aims to improve urban diets in low- and middle-income countries. NICE also promotes women and youth leadership and places a strong emphasis on public-private engagement and income generation. » Read more
Doctor treating a toddler
First Malaria Vaccine Recommended for Children by the WHO
By recommending the widespread use of the malaria vaccine RTS,S/AS01, the WHO gave the green light for a drug that could save the lives of tens of thousands of children in sub-Saharan Africa every year. The vaccine is not just a first for malaria — it is the first developed for any parasitic disease, made possible through decades-long research and teaching commitments to advance malaria eradication.
An investigator in the trial consults with a patient
Clinical Trial Yields Promising Results for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Treatment
TB-PRACTECAL, a clinical trial led by Médecins Sans Frontières with partners including Swiss TPH, has found that a new all-oral treatment regimen for rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis (RR-TB) is safer and more effective than the current accepted standard of care. These results signal the start of a new chapter for patients who often endure gruelling treatment regimens that have a catastrophic effect on health.
View of the city of Wroclaw
New WHO Air Quality Guidelines Aim to Save Millions of Lives from Air Pollution
The new WHO Global Air Quality Guidelines, which aim to protect the health of populations by reducing key air pollutants, will serve as a tool for policy makers to guide legislation to combat air pollution and climate change. Drawing on
expertise from over 30 years of research on air pollution and health, Swiss TPH contributed to the new set of guidelines by generating evidence through multiple long-term studies and providing policy advice. » Read more
Melissa Penny
The Beauty of Disease Modelling
Melissa Penny, an applied mathematician at Swiss TPH, speaks about the first malaria vaccine, disease modelling and the future of malaria eradication.
» Read the full interview
Mother and child
Innovative New Tools to Advance Progress in NTDs
As part of the Neglected Tropical Diseases 2021 campaign published in the Guardian, Peter Steinmann, public health specialist at Swiss TPH, spoke about novel tools to combat NTDs and emphasized the urgent need for innovative approaches and accessibility to end the neglect.
Key handover for new Swiss TPH building
Key Handover for New Building of Swiss TPH
On 17 September 2021, the key handover for the new building of Swiss TPH took place in Allschwil. Around 700 employees from 80 nations will move into the new headquarters 'Belo Horizonte', which combines state-of-the-art laboratories, education and work spaces under one roof.
Jennifer Belus
Jennifer Belus Receives Ambizione Fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation
The Swiss TPH researcher aims to contribute to improving the mental health of people living with HIV in Lesotho.
» Read more
Project Updates
Patient in clinic
HIV and Presumptive Tuberculosis
The SaDAPT (Same-Day ART in persons with HIV and Presumptive Tuberculosis) study, a randomized controlled clinical trial in Lesotho and Malawi, is investigating the unanswered question of when antiretroviral therapy in people who tested positive for HIV should start when they
simultaneously show symptoms of a possible TB infection. » Read more
Core Malaria Modelling
A new collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) will support malaria model development at Swiss TPH. The project will include the improvement and maintenance of the individual-based model, OpenMalaria, and new mathematical models. Further, it will assess and provide model-based evidence for BMGF and key partners to improve malaria investment, control and elimination decision-making. » Read more
Excerpt from a new reporting form
PHISICC: Voices from Health Workers
Findings from a human-centred design study show that the PHISICC (Paper Based Health Information System in Comprehensive Care) project delivers on its promise to simplify reporting and put the patient at the centre. The newly designed reports aim to empower remote, rural health workers as decision-makers. » Read more
Women’s Political Empowerment and Child Health
Women's representation in political decision-making has the potential to significantly improve child health and development in low- and middle-income countries, although existing evidence on this topic is limited. The EPOCH project aims to close this knowledge gap. » Read more
Newborn baby in neonatal nursery
Neonatal Care and Resistant Bacteria
Critically ill babies are highly vulnerable to drug-resistant bacteria. The EU-funded NeoIPC project focuses on the prevention and management of resistant bacteria in neonatal intensive care units. Researchers from the
University of Padua and the University of Basel with partners including Swiss TPH collaborate in order to develop and implement an innovative approach to neonatal care. » Read more
Expert Group on Electromagnetic Fields and Non-ionising Radiation
Swiss TPH has again been nominated as a member of the Swiss expert group on electromagnetic fields and non-ionising radiation (BERENIS) by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment. As a member of the consultative group, experts regularly screen scientific literature and assess the publications that they consider relevant for the protection of humans from potentially adverse effects. » Read more
Upcoming Events
3 November 2021: COVID-19 – A Game Changer in International Health Cooperation?
Join the 2021 symposium of Medicus Mundi Schweiz (MMS) in Basel » Register now
15-17 November 2021: Interventions to Reduce Pesticide Exposure
The online workshop aims to discuss recent research about interventions to reduce pesticide exposure from agriculture sector in Africa.» Register now
Swiss TPH in the Media
Telebasel: "Johnson & Johnson-Impfstart in Basel" » Watch the TV report
SRF Wissenschaftsmagazin: "Malariamedikamente verlieren an Wirkung" » Listen to the interview
Daily Times Pakistan: "Public Health experts in Pakistan introduced to Systems Thinking" » Read full article
Selection of blog cover photos
Swiss TPH Blog: Impact Stories
Don't miss our latest blog posts and read about overcoming discrimination barriers, spirituality and One Health or how early diagnosis and fast treatment of rabies can save lives. » Enjoy reading!
Study with Us
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Health Care and Management
The 14-week Diploma of Advanced Studies course provides international participants with the core competencies to understand and react to health challenges. They acquire a range of skills and knowledge needed to work in a health management team, particularly in low- and middle-income societies. Participants benefit from engaging with experts from various fields, practical application and interactive training.
Boy looking out a train window
Clinical Short Course on Travel Medicine
This advanced training course, aimed at tropical and travel medicine specialists as well as basic health care providers and pharmacists, provides participants with practical basics, updates them on travel-related health risks, prevention measures, current recommendations for vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis. The course will be online and in German.
Latest Publications
Kümmerle A, Sikalengo G, Vanobberghen F, Ndege RC, Foe G, et al. Recognition and management of clinically significant drug-drug interactions between antiretrovirals and co-medications in a cohort of people living with HIV in rural Tanzania: a prospective questionnaire-based study. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. » Read full article
Wilkinson E, Giovanetti M, [...], Daubenberger C, Mpina M, Schindler S, et al. A year of genomic surveillance reveals how the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic unfolded in Africa. Science. » Read full article
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