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Swiss TPH News, February 2022
Baby sleeping under mosquito net
20-Year Study Finds Malaria Control in Young Children Saves Lives into Adulthood
Bed nets save lives according to a long-term study in Tanzania, which found that children who sleep under a mosquito net at an early age are more likely to survive into adulthood. These findings, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, reinforce bed nets as an essential tool in malaria control. Günther Fink, Swiss TPH, commented: “It is reassuring to see these long-term benefits, which highlight the remarkably high-returns of investing into early childhood infectious disease prevention and early life health.” » Read more
Researcher collecting Anopheles mosquito larvae from a rice field in Côte d’Ivoire
Hope in the Fight Against Multi-Insecticide Resistance
Insecticide resistant mosquitoes are a growing concern in malaria control. A study conducted by Swiss TPH and partners in Côte d’Ivoire raises hope that multi-resistant malaria vectors are susceptible to the insecticide malathion. This phenomenon could be used as a targeted tool for malaria control.
Hospital in DRC
Clinical Trial for COVID-19 Tests New Drug Combination
The need for effective COVID-19 treatments remains particularly acute, especially in sub-Saharan Africa where access to vaccines is still extremely limited. The ANTICOV clinical trial has started the recruitment of participants to test a new promising drug combination as an early treatment for people affected with mild-to-moderate COVID-19.
Doctor examines patient
Fighting Parasites in a Conflict-Torn Country
Maurice M. Nigo, the Director of the Institut Supérieur des Techniques Médicales in Bunia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, spoke about his relentless work to improve the health of the population in the midst of broken healthcare infrastructure and dire access to basic needs due to political rebellions.
Farmes in the Peruvian Andes
Altitude Positively Impacts Cardiovascular Health
A study by Swiss TPH discovered that body mass index (BMI) and altitude have a strong impact on metabolic syndrome, a key indicator of cardiovascular health. The study, published in PLOS One, investigated the association between the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and the use of improved cooking stoves in the rural Andes in Peru.
New Swiss TPH headquarters at Allschwil, Switzerland
Move to New Swiss TPH Headquarters
We are happy to announce that the move to our new headquarters in Allschwil is almost complete. About 700 staff and students can now work, research and study under one roof.
We look forward to welcoming you in the near future and thank our staff for their great commitment!
Stick to Science campaign logo
Stick to Science
Addressing the most pressing health challenges requires global solutions. We support the Stick to Science campaign, a collective call for open and inclusive collaboration for European research and development partners. » Read more
Project Updates
Improving Primary Health Care in Albania
Alain Berset with HAP team members Swiss Federal Councillor Alain Berset visited the Health for All Project (HAP) in Albania this past week. The team was proud to show him the progress made towards improving population health, which was also confirmed by a study recently published in Frontiers in Public Health. » Read more
Modelling and Economic Predictions for Policy Change
HAT MEPP Logo The HAT MEPP project aims to provide new, quantitative evidence to support sleeping sickness control and elimination through complex modelling efforts. This will help identify where stronger interventions are needed to achieve transmission eradication and plan optimal intervention strategies. » Read more
Reducing Violence against Health Care Workers
ICRC de-escalation training A new project led by Swiss TPH focuses on the challenge of non-military violence against health care workers in post-crisis humanitarian settings. The study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of violence de-escalation training for medical staff in combination with organisational level intervention. » Read more
Health Financing
As passionate advocate of the drive towards Universal Health Coverage, we provide services to develop and implement health financing strategies and assess the economic viability of health system interventions with a focus on the impact, coverage and cost-effectiveness of new health financing schemes.
Chad: Commissioned by the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), we analysed a non-contributory insurance scheme for economically vulnerable Chadians as part of the governments UHC plan. » Full report
Somalia: The Private Sector Partnerships for Health project aims to strengthen the supply and demand side of the health sector in Somalia through strengthening private sector actors and initiatives. We are supporting the health financing intervention of this project. » Read more
Zanzibar: Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar is in the process of introducing Universal Health Insurance. We are supporting the technical committee in establishing key building blocks for this reform process. » Read more
Improve Quality of Diagnosis for Sick Children
DYNAMIC project film still The DYNAMIC project promotes responsible antibiotic use and reduce antimicrobial resistance through the use of an electronic clinical decision support algorithm. Following a pilot study that resulted in a reduction of antibiotic prescriptions, the tool is currently being evaluated in Tanzania and Rwanda. » More
Simulation Modelling to Inform Health Decision Making
We are developing a global decision support tool to be integrated into the Novartis Foundation’s Urban Population Health Initiative, which aims to reduce cardiovascular disease mortality and morbidity through comprehensive health systems strengthening. The tool will be scalable through a generic framework with adaptability to local, setting-specific contextual and systemic factors. » More
Care and Treatment‚ Training & Research
Doctors in the emergency ward The Ifakara Clinic Platform has been set up for clinical care, clinical research, and training and capacity building. The innovative platform was established by Swiss TPH, Ifakara Health Institute‚ the St. Francis Referral Hospital and the University Hospital Basel and represents a move towards greater capacity building in the three areas of service, research and training. » More
Swiss TPH in the Media
Science: Malaria - preventing bed nets save children’s lives - with impacts that can last for decades. » Article
Le Temps: Mauvaise nouvelle, le moustique a de la mémoire. » Article
SRF: «Ein noch so gutes Immunsystem schützt nicht vor Covid» » Interview with Claudia Daubenberger
Upcoming Events
Geneva Health Forum
3-5 May 2022: COVID-19 Pandemic and Environmental Emergency: Reinventing Global Health in Times of Global Changes
Our health is intrinsically linked to the health of the environment. The Geneva Health Forum will offer a platform to discuss the immense challenges of the intertwinement of human, animal and environmental health. » Register now
Study with Us
We are delighted to welcome students to our new lecture rooms and wish them a successful semester!
Students at Swiss TPH
Stduents at a lecture
Financial Budgeting, Accounting and Reporting
The course addresses the basics of the financial cycle including budgeting, implementing and recording, and financial reporting. An in-depth look at the workings of bookkeeping, financial reporting, internal controlling, financial management and auditing will be covered.
Students discussing
The course aims to provide key concepts and experiences of leadership in health care for those working in or moving into public and international health care roles. It draws on leadership theories and the ability to manage power and distance, resolve conflict and collaborate with stakeholders across sectors for the benefit of population health.
Latest Publications
Vienneau D, Saucy A, Schäffer B, Flückiger B, Tangermann L, Stafoggia M, et al. Transportation noise exposure and cardiovascular mortality: 15-years of follow-up in a nationwide prospective cohort in Switzerland. Environment International » Read full article
Beilstein S, El Phil R, Sherihan Sahraoui S, Scapozza L, Kaiser M, Mäser P. Laboratory Selection of Trypanosomatid Pathogens for Drug Resistance. Pharmaceuticals » Read full article
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