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Swiss TPH News, May 2023
Nurses screening blood on Pemba Island, Tanzania
New Treatment for Parasitic Worm Infections
Promising breakthrough: Researchers at Swiss TPH have discovered a new drug candidate, emodepside, which shows impressive results in treating parasitic worm infections. This anthelmintic, previously used in veterinary medicine, is the first new treatment to control these infections in several decades. Recent results from clinical trials on the island of Pemba in Tanzania are encouraging and offer hope in the fight against neglected tropical diseases. Swiss TPH and Bayer will now work together to advance the development of the drug. » Read more
Mother with newborn and midwife
New Midwife Care Model to Relieve Vulnerable Families
A new home-based midwife care model has shown promise in improving the well-being of women in vulnerable family situations and preventing early chronic childhood stress, according to a new study published in BMC Health Services Research. The new care model is the result of a partnership between Swiss TPH and Familystart in Basel and could be applied in all Swiss cantons.
City view from above
Transportation Noise Increases Risk for Suicides
Mental health disorders affect nearly one billion people worldwide and are a leading cause of suicide. A study by Swiss TPH found that the risk of suicide increases for people exposed to high levels of traffic noise. The results have been published in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Health Perspectives.
Doctor examining a child in Tanzania
Mathematical Modelling to Inform Next-Generation Malaria Interventions
Global progress against malaria has stagnated and novel medical interventions are urgently needed. In a new publication, researchers from Swiss TPH and the Gates Medical Research Institute describe how modelling evidence is crucial to accelerate the development of new malaria vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and chemoprevention. Results were published in Communications Medicine from Nature.
Mountain view
Research Implementation Organisations and Their Role for Sustainable Development
Swiss TPH and partners are identifying and describing research institutions in Africa and Switzerland that carry out both research and implementation for sustainable development. A new policy brief outlines the main findings and conclusions of the research, highlighting the opportunity to bridge the gap between research and implementation, and proposes a better way to bring together these actors for sustainable development.
Jakob Zinsstag, Tiffany Bouchery, Katharina Röltgen and Mirko Winkler
Jakob Zinsstag received the Meritorious Award from the World Organisation for Animal Health in recognition of his contribution to the control of animal diseases, animal welfare and veterinary public health. » Read more
Tiffany Bouchery and Katharina Röltgen have been awarded temporary assistant professorships at Swiss TPH and the Faculty of Science at the University of Basel as part of the SNSF PRIMA funding programme. Bouchery develops targeted clinical approaches to eliminate parasitic worm infections, while Röltgen studies B cell and functional antibody responses to SARS-CoV-2 and other human coronaviruses in Africa. » Read more
Mirko Winkler has been appointed as the new Professor of Urban Public Health at the University of Basel. The professorship will focus on the promotion of sustainable urban communities and their health benefits. » Read more
Project Updates
Competence Centre for Epidemiological Outbreak Investigation
Since 2012, Swiss TPH has led the Competence Centre for Epidemiological Outbreak Investigation (KEA) on behalf of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, with a recent extension until 2028. One of our main tasks is the follow-up of food-borne infectious diseases, including listeriosis and salmonellosis. In addition to epidemiological outbreak investigations, Swiss TPH provides advice and scientific expertise to federal and cantonal authorities. » Read more
Eliminating Worm Infections in Sub-Saharan Africa
Mother and child in Tanzania The eWHORM project brings together African and European partners, including Swiss TPH, to eliminate worm infections in sub-Saharan Africa and meet the World Health Organization (WHO) Roadmap for Neglected Tropical Diseases. Through more effective and safer treatment options and community engagement, eWHORM aims to improve the health and well-being of billions of people affected by worm infections. » Read more
Digital Solution for Emergency Health Workers
Screenshot Em Care Swiss TPH is contributing to Em Care - a World Health Organization (WHO) project to create a digital solution that implements the WHO’s SMART guidelines for newborn and child health in emergency settings. Em Care is a fully open-source solution that makes the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) content available to frontline health workers through a mobile reference app. It can be configured to meet country- or site-specific needs and integrated with existing digital solutions in Member States. The app is being piloted in Iraq and Cameroon. » Read more
Digital Tool to Improve the Management of Sick Children in Rwanda
The DYNAMIC project promotes antibiotic stewardship and fights antimicrobial resistance using a clinical decision support algorithm for the management of sick children. Following the completion of the research phase in Rwanda, DYNAMIC will now integrate the digital intervention into the Rwandan health system with support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). This includes developing a scale-up plan and integrating the tool into the electronic health record. » Read more
Health for All Project in Albania Enters Third Phase
Nurse with patient The SDC-funded Health for All Project (HAP) in Albania has significantly strengthened primary healthcare and access to essential services in two regions since 2015. Investments were made in the rehabilitation of infrastructure, the provision of equipment and the training of general practitioners, nurses and midwives. The project introduced innovative mechanisms for professional development and strengthened the role of nurses. Looking ahead, selected interventions will be scaled up over the next four years, extending home-based care services to six more regions and improving access for the chronically ill. » Read more
Study with Us
Financial Budgeting, Accounting and Reporting
Join our short course in Financial Budgeting, Accounting and Reporting to develop financial management skills and prepare for health management roles, and gain essential skills in managing budgets, financial records and reporting to respond to health system challenges around the world. » Apply by 4 August 2023
International Cooperation and Global Health
The CAS Internationale Zusammenarbeit und globale Gesundheit is designed for health care and other professionals who are preparing to work abroad and who are confronted with issues such as migration and health and intercultural communication in a complex, globalised world. Individual modules can be taken, the course language is German. » Apply by 20 August 2023
Health in Detention
Our one-week course in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) gives health professionals the information, methods and tools needed to analyse and address health and human rights issues affecting people in detention. » Apply by 15 June 2023
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Come to our Open House on 17 June 2023
Swiss TPH Open House
23 days to go until our Open House! We are excited to show you our new building and give you an insight into our work. We look forward to seeing you on 17 June in Allschwil! » More info and programme
Launch of the Basel Center for Health Economics (BCHE)
The BCHE aims to tackle pressing issues facing the healthcare sector by bringing together expertise from economics, medicine and public health. » Read more
Swiss TPH in the Media
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People at Swiss TPH
To mark World TB Day 2023, we spoke to some of our experts here at Swiss TPH about their work on tuberculosis, the highlights and impact of their research, why they are committed to TB, and what they think is needed to tackle TB as a public health problem. » Read this and other articles in our blog Impact Stories
Latest Publications
Eeftens M, Pujol S, Klaiber A, et al. The association between real-life markers of phone use and cognitive performance, health-related quality of life and sleep. Environmental Research » Read full article
Beloconi A, Nyawanda BO, Bigogo G, et al. Malaria, climate variability, and interventions: modelling transmission dynamics. Scientific Reports. » Read full article
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