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Swiss TPH News, August 2023
Trypanosoma cruzi parasite, 3D illustration

New Compounds Show Promise in Transforming Treatment of Parasitic Diseases

Scientists have identified a new class of compounds called cyanotriazoles that have the potential to effectively inhibit the growth of trypanosomes, the parasites responsible for Chagas disease and African sleeping sickness. The results, published in the journal Science, show that the compounds are not toxic to human cells, raising hopes for the development of new and improved treatments for neglected tropical diseases. » Read more
Crowded pedestrian zone in midsummer
Even Moderately Hot Temperatures Cause Death
Recent analyses by Swiss TPH show that not only heat waves, but also moderately hot temperatures contribute to heat-related deaths. On behalf of the Swiss Federal Government, Swiss TPH now monitors heat-related deaths in Switzerland annually to provide a long-term record of climate change health effects and to identify adaptation measures.
Doctor with patient, ALMANACH project
Switzerland’s Pivotal Role in Global Health
An editorial on Switzerland's role in promoting global health has been published in Revue Médicale Suisse. The issue features two articles by Swiss TPH which focus on the innovative One Health approach and the crucial role of clinical decision support systems in improving the quality of care for children in resource-limited settings.
Swiss TPH Open House on 17 June 2023
Thousands of Visitors At Swiss TPH Open House
Earlier this summer, Swiss TPH welcomed a large number of visitors to its new headquarters in Allschwil, Switzerland. About 6,000 visitors attended the Open House, which coincided with the institute’s 80th anniversary celebrations. » Watch the highlights in our video
Doctor examines baby in tanzanian hopsital
Post-Referral Malaria Treatment for Children in Uganda
A recent study published in PLOS Global Public Health examines how caregivers in Uganda seek treatment for children under five with suspected severe malaria. The study concludes that health policies should recognise local practices when seeking treatment and ensure adequate quality of care across the range of public and private providers.
Basel Centre for Health Economics
Inauguration of the Basel Center for Health Economics
Swiss TPH is part of the new Basel Center for Health Economics (BCHE), which brings together experts in economics and medicine to address today’s health care challenges through innovative research and education. The BCHE aims to link academia with industry, health care and government to directly benefit health care professionals and policy makers. The BCHE will be launched on 13 September.
Swiss TPH Impact Stories
Marloes Eeftens » Pollen is beautiful ... but also quite annoying
Martin Raab » Studying under war conditions – student perspectives
Project Updates
Green Skills for Youth
NICE campaign for International Youth Day 2023 This International Youth Day, the NICE project highlights how young people can use green skills to lead the way for better nutrition in their cities. NICE facilitates locally-led action to improve nutrition in low- and middle-income countries through agricultural, food and health sector collaboration and public-private engagement, focusing on the role of women and young entrepreneurs. » Watch here
Treatment against Soil-Transmitted Helminths
Clinical study in Tanzania Swiss TPH is working with Bayer on the clinical development of emodepside for the treatment of people infected with soil-transmitted helminths. This follows encouraging results from a Phase II study conducted with Swiss TPH’s partners in Tanzania, in which emodepside was tested in patients with whipworm and hookworm infections. » Read more
Exploring Exposure to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields
ETAIN webinar series The large-scale roll-out of 5G is now in the spotlight, and there is a lot of uncertainty about whether it can affect our daily lives, and if so, how. The EU Horizon-funded ETAIN project explains in simple but scientific terms what electromagnetic fields are and the key areas of scientific research covered by the project. » Watch here
Health Impact Assessment for Sustainable Development
Landscape with mines in Tanzania Health impact assessment is a prospective approach to anticipating the future direct and indirect health effects of projects, programmes or policies, such as resource extraction projects. The HIA4SD project conducted six years of research in Tanzania, Ghana, Mozambique and Burkina Faso to promote policy dialogue and change to increase the use of impact assessment as a regulatory mechanism. The project was successfully completed. » Read more about HIA4SD
ADOPT Programme
Boy washing hands Together with partners in Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya and Uganda, the ADOPT programme is developing a locally adapted implementation approach for the introduction of a potential new paediatric treatment for schistosomiasis in preschool children. This included social science studies of disease awareness in the three pilot countries to inform the development of educational materials and the evaluation of potential delivery platforms. » Read more
WHO Guidelines for Improving Medical Cause of Death Certification
Swiss TPH has contributed to the WHO recommendations on conducting an external post-mortem examination and completing the medical certificate of cause of death, which aim to promote good practice in medical certification. » Read more
Students at Swiss TPH
Study with Us
Short Course: Communication, Marketing and Social Media
Join our short course to gain practical insights into social marketing approaches and effective health communication strategies across traditional and digital media platforms. Equip yourself with the skills to develop compelling communication strategies that engage local communities, professionals and key decision-makers to promote behaviour change and policy adoption in support of health goals. » Apply by 29 September 2023
IZGG – International Cooperation and Global Health
The CAS Internationale Zusammenarbeit und globale Gesundheit is designed for health and other professionals who are preparing to work abroad and who are confronted with issues such as migration and health and intercultural communication in a complex, globalised world. Individual modules can be taken. The course language is German. » Apply by 21 August 2023
Health Care and Management: From Research to Implementation
Gain the core skills to understand and address global health challenges, enabling you to excel as a public health professional in resource-constrained settings. Participants benefit from engagement with experts from a range of fields, practical application and interactive training. The course can be taken full-time over 14 weeks or modularly over 2-3 years. » Scholarship application deadline: 31 August 2023
Benedikt Wicki
Benedikt Wicki
Benedikt has won the award for the best published PhD article 2023 by SSPH+ for his article "Suicide and transportation noise: A prospective cohort study from Switzerland", which was published in Environmental Health Perspectives. » Read the full article
Manuel Hetzel
Manuel Hetzel
Manuel has been elected as the new President of the Swiss Malaria Group. He succeeds Christian Lengeler, who is stepping down after six years as President. » Read more
Upcoming Events
17 August 2023: SYSTAC Europe Webinar Series: Systems for Health: Everyone Has a Role» Register now
7–8 September 2023, Allschwil: Swiss Society of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology (SSTMP) Annual Meeting 2023 » Register now
12–13 September 2023, Lausanne: Swiss Public Health Conference: Public Health and Primary Care: Stronger Together » Register now
20–23 November 2023, Utrecht: ECTMIH 2023 - 13th European Congress on Global Health » Register now
Swiss TPH in the Media
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Alexis Martin
People of Swiss TPH
Alexis Martin tells us about his PhD project: “Working in the context of climate change and its impact on malaria is very interesting, motivating and challenging. By using novel mathematical tools, we can improve long-term forecasting and develop better early warning systems in countries facing major outbreaks.” » Read more
Latest Publications
Trippler L, Knopp S, Welsche S et al. The long road to schistosomiasis elimination in Zanzibar: A systematic review covering 100 years of research, interventions and control milestones. Advances in Parasitology » Read full article
Falgas-Bague I, Cruz-Gonzalez M, Zhen-Duan J. Association of sociocultural stressors with bipolar disorder onset in Puerto Rican youth growing up as members of a minoritized ethnic group: results from the Boricua Youth Longitudinal Study. The Lancet Regional Health - Americas » Read full article
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