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Swiss TPH News, February 2024
Impressions of the symposium on Access to Healthcare in LMICs
Improving Access to Healthcare in LMICs
The challenges of access to medicines in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) are manifold and complex. They range from limited funding for neglected disease research, to the intricacy of drug development in resource-limited settings, to barriers to integrating new tools and policies into health systems. On 8 February, Swiss TPH hosted a symposium that brought together 350 experts and key stakeholders from academia, the pharmaceutical industry, policy and product development partnerships to promote synergies in research, drug development and medicines’ implementation. We look forward to continuing the discussion and fostering collaboration to improve the health of people worldwide! » Read more
Young man affected by noma
Noma: Giving a Face to a Deadly Disease
Noma occurs mainly in areas of extreme indigence and is often referred to as the ‘face of poverty’. In December, the WHO officially added noma to the list of neglected tropical diseases. This recognition spurs hope for increased awareness, funding and collaboration to research and combat the disease. Swiss TPH played a key role in laying the groundwork for this WHO recognition.
Nurse in a Tanzanian hospital
Reducing Health Inequities in the Prevention of Cervical Cancer
Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women in sub-Saharan Africa. Women living with HIV are six times more likely to develop cervical cancer than those who are HIV negative. To tackle this issue, Swiss TPH together with partners developed a framework to enhance cervical cancer screening programmes for women living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa.
Mycobacterium ulcerans, 3D illustration
Repurposing of TB Drug Candidates for the Treatment of Buruli Ulcer
A recent study by Swiss TPH, published in CHIMIA, shows the potential repurposing of tuberculosis drug candidates to fight Buruli ulcer, a chronic skin disease caused by M. ulcerans. The drug repurposing activities have led to the identification of a promising drug candidate for the treatment of Buruli ulcer in Africa and Australia.
The Centre for Tropical and Travel Medicine has been located in the Turmhaus on Aeschenplatz since January 2024.
Swiss TPH's Centre for Tropical and Travel Medicine Now in the Heart of Basel
In January, the Centre for Tropical and Travel Medicine officially opened its new premises on Aeschenplatz in Basel. For 80 years, it has been a medical and diagnostic contact point for travellers in the region and is the largest competence centre for tropical and travel medicine in Switzerland, advising around 15,000 clients every year before and after travel.
Impact Stories - The Swiss TPH Blog
Jürg Utzinger » Neglected tropical diseases: Then and now
Edlira Keta » Strategic interventions towards inclusive and quality healthcare in Albania
Sumaiyya Thawer » A Swiss TPH researcher discusses with Bill Gates
Project Updates
Combating Viral Diseases with Innovative Therapeutic Approaches
AVITHRAPID Project AVITHRAPID is a recently launched consortium under the Horizon Europe programme , coordinated by the German Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and comprising 18 research institutions including Swiss TPH. The project aims to build a pipeline of small molecule-based antiviral agents that can be widely used and rapidly developed into therapies against emerging infectious diseases. Within the project, the consortium intends to test a small molecule against Zika virus in a clinical trial. Swiss TPH is involved in the monitoring of the clinical trials. » Read more
Responding to Violence against Women and Girls
Interview with the Responding to Violence against Women and Girls team The MISSOP project examines the role of the health sector in recording and responding to violence against women and girls in primary care and emergency departments in Albania and Brazil. In a recent video, the Swiss Network for International Studies (SNIS) shared testimonies about missed opportunities in responding to violence against women and girls and what is currently being done. » Watch the video
Impact of Menstrual Health Management on the Vaginal Microbiome
Female hygiene products There is a general lack of evidence on the health effects of menstrual products. This project, led by Swiss TPH aims to fill this gap by building a comprehensive evidence base on the health impact of different menstrual products on the vaginal microbiome. The research team will examine women’s practices and preferences for menstrual hygiene products in Peru and Cameroon, and conduct a systematic global review to provide context. » Read more
Malaria Modelling in Africa
The African Institute for Mathematical Science (AIMS) has joined forces with universities, research institutions, operational partners and national malaria control programmes under a BMGF grant to train the next generation of malaria modellers in Africa to strengthen sustainable evidence-based health policies. As a member of the consortium, Swiss TPH actively contributes to the PhD programmes and the establishment of the new MSc in Malaria Modelling in Rwanda, which started last autumn. Swiss TPH's role includes curriculum development in modelling, teaching and mentorship. » Read more
Customized Cost-Benefit Analysis for TB Treatment
TB Alliance and Swiss TPH jointly developed SLASH-TB, a business model to illustrate the cost savings of using BPaL and BPaLM, the newly approved regimens for drug-resistant TB, compared to the short (typically 9 months) and long (typically 18 months) oral bedaquiline-containing regimens. The tool can be flexibly applied and implemented by users at country, state or hospital level. » Read more
Students at Swiss TPH
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Health Economics and Health Financing: Explore key concepts of health economics and financing systems, including public goods, supply and demand, and health system performance evaluation, to critically discuss health financing and payment reforms at local, national and global levels. » Apply by 18 March 2024
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Beyond the Classroom: Setting Up an Epidemiological Study
As part of his PhD at Swiss TPH, Nikolai Hodel set up the RenalTWO study to investigate cardiovascular disease risk factors linked to chronic kidney disease in Tanzania. » Read the story
Peter Steinmann, Martin Röösli, Günther Fink
Peter Steinmann has been elected as the new Chair of the Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy. Martin Röösli has been appointed Full Professor at the Faculty of Science of the University of Basel. Günter Fink has been appointed Full Professor at the Faculty of Business and Economics and the Faculty of Science of the University of Basel.
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11 March 2024, Basel: BCHE Frühlingssymposium: Kostenexplosion im Gesundheitswesen: Rolle des Staates? » Register now
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Patrick Delcroix, IT Senior Specialist at Swiss TPH
People of Swiss TPH
“My work at Swiss TPH contributes to a healthier future for people in resource-limited settings by improving adherence to medical guidelines and thus improving correct diagnosis, treatment and referral.” Patrick Delcroix, IT Senior Specialist, Digital Health Unit » Watch the video
Latest Publications
Braunack-Mayer L, Malinga J, Masseray T et al. Design and selection of drug properties to increase the public health impact of next-generation seasonal malaria chemoprevention: a modelling study. The Lancet Global Health » Read full article
Taghavi K, Moono M, Mwanahamuntu M et al. Accuracy of screening tests for cervical precancer in women living with HIV in low-resource settings: a paired prospective study in Lusaka, Zambia, BMJ Oncology » Read full article
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